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Q. Are the Biblical quotes taken directly from the Bible without alteration to the scripture?

A. Yes, quotes are taken directly from the Bible without alteration to the scripture!! We believe Godís word speaks at the highest level and allow it to stand unblemished by interpretation which may be done at a spiritual level between you and God.

Q. Can I add quotes to the existing list of quotes if I have a particular one I would like to add?

A. No. Godís word is rich in content and there is a limit to what can be effectively flashed upon your computer screen and absorbed properly by your mind. Therefore, we have chosen the clear concentrated essence of the scriptures directed at the basic issues of life upon which all else is built.

Q. How do subliminal messages work?

A. By flashing supportive Biblical quotes on your computer screen in a manner where you can not consciously read the entire phrase, it is believed that these positive thoughts go straight into your subconscious mind. We are continuously bombarded with negative messages in our daily lives; with Awakening® Godís Word is now inspiring your feelings and motivations for success in life ...your personal Awakening® !

Imagine a quote from the Bible going into your mind every second you are at the computer. These Biblical quotes will linger in your mind and spirit to provide the positive feelings and direction to transform your life into the image of success God created, when God Created YOU.

Q. Are subliminal messages safe and effective?

A. Yes. These messages are as safe as the Word of God. They are taken directly from the Bible. Research provides evidence that messages flashed too quickly for the critical conscious mind to read are perceived and accepted by the subconscious mind to form the basis for foundational beliefs used to make decisions and generate attitudes in our daily lives.

Q. Do I need to look directly at the quotes as they flash on my computer?

A. Simply proceed naturally with your duties at your computer and consciously ignore the flashing quotes. It is important that you not be able to read them while they are flashing. They will be perceived by your subconscious mind any time they are within your peripheral vision.

Q. Do the quotes flash at the same place on the screen, or will they appear in random locations on the screen?

A. The quotes always flash in the center of the screen.

Q. Can I vary the speed and appearance of the quotes?

A. You may vary the Duration, Frequency, Contrast, Color, Size, and Font of the Quotations by going to the control panel Options and Appearance tabs. You may personalize your Awakening® by adjusting the quotes from the Bible to flash on the screen as often as every second or much less frequently, as you feel comfortable. You can make it comfortable for you to Awaken. The text line needs to be barely noticeable, not bold, unless you prefer it. You should not be able to consciously read the quotes.

Q. Will the flashing of quotes interfere with other work I am doing?

A. The flashing of quotes will not interfere with the operation of other software on your computer. Occasionally other software such as Outlook and Microsoft Word will cause the quotes to stack on top of each other for a few seconds when the other software is very busy. This phenomenon will dissipate in a few seconds. If you desire to stop the flashing temporarily simply right click on the Awakening® icon in the system tray in lower right portion of your screen and click on Stop. When you are ready to start the quotations again, simply right click on the Awakening® icon in the lower right portion of your screen and click on Start.

Q. Does the program work on most computers?

A. Yes with Windows 98 or more recent versions.

Q. How do I obtain technical assistance?

A. If you do not find an answer to your question in this list of FAQs, please email your question to . We are happy to hear from our Awakening®family and you will receive an answer within 24 hours or less.

Q. Can I use the program on more than one computer?

A. You may install Awakening® Software on 2 (two) computers, as long as you are the primary user of each computer.

Q. Occasionally the input of type directly upon the flashing line of Bible Quotes will hesitate or not appear. How do I correct this?

A. In Outlook, Microsoft Word and a few other software, all flashing programs produce a similar effect as Awakening® occasionally does. Occasionally the input of type directly on the flashing line will hesitate or not appear. Simply left click on the mouse again where you want type to appear and go on with your work. An alternative with a small Outlook email message window is to just move the small window up or down slightly, so that the text line is no longer under the flashing Awakening® text.

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